At your disposal expansive internal capabilities for performing software development services successfully. Edule department follows the best of breed practices and existing metrics to manage service performance and maintain business continually.

Edule software development approach is based on the following principles:

Edule project-based development adheres to SW-CMM and open standards and usually follows the following procedures (with possible iterations):

The defined and mature internal processes guarantee project (and contract) transparency and ensure that you are provided with productivity gain and cost reduction targets (or other results planned).

One of the aspects we pay special attention to is business continuity and security management. To provide it, we use special security and backup policy, which covers such issues, as backup locations, recovery scripts, information security policy, access control, organizational security, personnel and environmental security. The result of such an approach is to have our response reactive, flexible, and stable from the very request processing till the final product release.

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