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Four Day Search Engine Strategies 2008 Conference will start February 19 in London, UK

February 19-21, 2008 – the 9th annual SES Conference will be held at the Business Design Centre, London. This is a leading global conference & expo with the possibility of delegates education in search engine marketing (SEM), including SEO and advertising strategies. SES Search Marketing Events provide instruction from the industry's top search experts, including representatives of the Search Engines themselves.

”In order to outline Company’s presence on the web it is not enough to simply create a website. The site must be recognizable by search engines, so a lot of attention should be paid to its SEO and internet promotion,” comments Mat Bondarenko, marketing manager of Eldev Company – provider of Web Development Services, on the necessity of being well-informed about web promotion issues.

White hat SEO techniques, the ones that search engines approve and recommend as part of good design, include such activities as writing optimized content (which ensures other sites will link to it), listing the website in catalogues, posting articles and press releases that spotlight company’s latest news. It all can be very beneficial for both company recognition and targeted search traffic.

About SES 2008

SES 2008 is a global conference that will take place in London, February 19-21. Many topical questions of search engine marketing will be discussed, and gurus in the sphere will train the delegates.

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